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Sports Massage & Well Being Coach Southampton

Phelan Well is a reputable sport massage and well-being provider in Southampton, and we are committed to offering the best services possible to promote health and wellbeing. To improve musculoskeletal function, we provide a variety of sport and remedial massage therapies, so whether you require an injury-specific massage treatment, or simply a routine relaxation massage, we have all you need!


Our massage practitioners are skilled in a variety of massage techniques. We offer a variety of treatment options and packages to ensure there is something to suit everyone! Our fully qualified and impassioned team of wellbeing coaches at Phelan Well can provide the ideal treatments to enhance your general health and wellbeing.

Interested in our remedial and sports massage therapies? Take your first step to recovery today by calling 07401334585 or drop us an email at



Massage & Well Being

At Phelan Well, we are passionate about providing the highest quality service to help optimise health and well-being. We offer a range of Sport and Remedial massage services to help optimise musculoskeletal function. Whether this is injury specific, or just a general maintenance massage, we have something to suit all needs!

Posture Alignment & Correction Analysis Southampton


Posture analysis aims to identify any imbalances that might be producing or already are causing pain and discomfort in your body by examining your static posture. In addition to having unique individual problems, we all have diverse body types. 


In our postural evaluations, we can evaluate how effectively your muscles and joints coordinate and whether any imbalances need to be fixed. We look at the motion and operation of your body and search for potential compensatory patterns and irregularities to identify the root reasons and treat them with the right exercises. Our trained professionals at Phelan Well can assist in identifying problem areas in your body. 


You are more prone to backache, neck soreness, and other postural difficulties if you are used to working for extended periods with poor posture. A postural assessment appointment can provide people with posture issues the much-needed intervention. Reclaim your health with postural analysis at Phelan Well.

Deep Tissue Massage Southampton


Deep tissue massage is a massage therapy that targets the deeper layers of muscles and tissue and is particularly helpful for stiff areas. Specially designed for muscular knots, deep tissue massage helps relieve physical stress and restore muscle flexibility. It can also help aid in easing common concerns like back pain, sprains, stress, postural problems, weariness, lower back stiffness, and repetitive strain injuries. Specialised techniques in deep tissue massage help in blood circulation, realign deeper layers of tissue, release tension, and reduce frequent pain points.

Sports Massage Southampton 

Sports Massage is similar to Deep Tissue Massage in many ways. The main difference with sport specific massage is that there is more focus on enhancing performance, speeding up recovery, and reducing the risk of injury. There are several different techniques used in sports massage, including effleurage, kneading, wringing, hacking, and trigger pointing. Sports massage helps loosen tight muscles, dissolve adhesions, mobilise soft tissues, and lessen pain. In your initial consultation, your therapist will look to find out more about your sport/ activity and how they can help you return to this as soon as possible!


Anyone who requires remedial or soft tissue mobilisation can benefit from receiving a sports massage. You don't have to be a sporty person to receive Sports Massage! In your initial consultation with us, one of our skilled therapists can discuss with you whether you require a Sports Massage or whether Deep Tissue Massage is more appropriate. 


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Take your first step to recovery today with Phelan Well and call 07401 334585 or contact us at


Foot Massage
Image by Toa Heftiba

The treatment was fantastic. Beth was brilliant, very attentive and clearly knows what she's doing. She is very knowledgable and skilled as well as being a lovely friendly person. She instantly put me at ease, it was all in all a great experience. 

Beth was really great! I was having shoulder/ neck pain and booked a sport massage. Beth asked where I was having trouble and concentrated on that area making sure I was comfortable. II treally helped and I will be booking again for regular appointments as for the price and quality you cannot go wrong.

Beth is a lovely and very caring person who appears to have a great deal of knowledge. We discussed my needs and she tailored the massage accordingly. I would definitely recommend and would love to have further massage. Thank you so much Beth.

I had a 1 hour sport massage with Beth. She was friendly and she put me at ease. She was professional and informative on how to manage my aches, I would definitely recommend.


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